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About our company and our values

As a System Integrator, SNC specialises in delivery of installation & through life support of operation command and control systems, surveillance radars and ground-based support systems. We are proud to participate in supply of some of KSA’s largest programs in our field.


SNC excels in system integration, complex program management, real time and non real time software, human-machine interfaces and service oriented architecture. In addition, we optimise to provide advanced solutions in terms of operational performance, reliability and affordability.

SNC supports in delivery of critical decision-making solutions for complex missions through the integration of operations centers, telecommunications & IT networks for operations and battlefield systems.

Customer support are critical to SNC’s success.  We operate as a trusted partner for each of our Clients, and are dedicated to meet Customer requirements from initial solution design to support through the entire project life-cycle. The significant size of our installed project base allows us to dedicate resources to these activities and offer fast responses to Customer needs.

Words from the Chairman
Welcome letter from the SNC Chairman


"Together, we can make great strides, let us all try to reach out and achieve our best potential by helping one another along the way in our respective efforts..."

- Ret. Gen. Mahmoud Hassanain, ED   Read More

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SNC Contract Signing

OC Deployment Contract for a
Classified Project

SNC Contract Signing

Intrastructure Project for a Strategic Programme


Strategic Tasking & Planning System Project Final Delivery - An outstanding example of cooperation and collaboration between SNC and ... 20-04-10   Read More


Selex visit with SNC
A company get-together party with
one of our business partners.
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Our Vision

To be the market leader with C4I implementation and support capability in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To provide Link 16 Network Management capability in the Middle-East. To provide through life support services for C4I and other special programs in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Mission

To be the leading Systems Integrator for C4I Solutions, grow our capability in the field of Link 16 Network Management Systems, enhance our support services to keep with our customer's demands and to continually improve the quality of our delivered products and services

Our Ethics

Employees of Systems Networks Company, are guided by the Values which describe our company as we want it to be. We want our decisions and actions to demonstrate such Values and we believe that putting those Values into practice creates long-term benefits for customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and the communities we serve.